Best Microchip Cat Flap Reviews

Best Microchip Cat Flap Reviews

Your cat is a loyal companion and an active part of your family, but much like us cats are not always a fan of staying inside all day. One of the biggest problems you may face in relation to this is the fact that your time constraints don’t always fit to your cats. For example, humans generally have to go out at some point during the day whether it be on errands to the supermarket or to go to our daily jobs. While we are gone it’s rather hard to let our cats out to rummage. While you could just drop your cat outside if you leave there is always the problem of inclement weather popping up that could lead to extra problems after you get home. So, what are you to do?

One of the most full-proof ways to work your cat around your schedule is give them their own door to the outside world. This may be a huge turn off for most pet owners though as it’s no secret that neighborhood animals sometimes will wander into unsuspecting homes in search of food or shelter. In fact this is a problem there have been several accounts of through recent years. While most end in a raccoon being scurried out of the house, you can’t forget the dangers of violent or disease carrying animals entering your home especially for those of us who have children in the house. Luckily for us, newer technology has now been developed that uses a scanner to identify the animals you want in and out of your pet door. An ideal pet product solution is here.

How do microchip cat flaps work?

The doors work by using information you input regarding your pet’s microchip. The door will automatically save the Microchip number and scan for it when a critter tries to enter your home. If your cat walks up the door unlocks and lets them in. If an unwanted visitor wanders on to your property, the door will have remained sealed blocking the animal’s path. Most cat doors can be programmed for use of multiple animals in the case of households with a higher than average number of pets.

All you need to do is find the right door and price for your budget and obtain your door. Once obtained you simply install it in your home and sync it with your pets. Most doors have different sizes to pick from to accommodate bigger cats or households that also contain canine companions as well. Once the door is set up begin a training period with your cat where he can get used to the doors locking sound by taping up the door and letting your cat see that he can walk through it freely without harm. If you need incentive to convince your finnicky friend to use it, just pick up some treats to place on the opposite side of the door from your cat and wait.


How does this improve my life?

By going with the less traditional pet door route you can save yourself a lot of trouble when taking care of your cats. Cats are infamous for their finnicky nature especially when figuring out whether they prefer the outside or inside world. By installing a cat door your feline companion can choose when to exit and re-enter your home without having to meow at you for minutes on end. This keeps you from falling into the classic in and out cycle so many cats torment their owners with. You also can sleep easier knowing that your companion can easily regain entry into your home if they find themselves in an awkward situation while outside.

With the microchip sensor, you will never worry about finding a strange visitor in your home. Each entering animal will be properly screened for permission when trying to use the door. In the case of a cat chase this will always give your cat a guaranteed safe escape route as the aggravator will be stuck outside your home while your kitty is safety lounging inside. If you needed your cat to stay in for a day you could even remove their permissions from the door forcing them to stay inside or even out depending on the situation. This will also coax you into proceeding with the microchip process if you haven’t already and give your pets extra security in the case of getting lost or picked up by a concerned citizen while adventuring in the wilds.

In addition, if you are a vet or rescue center some doors can be installed to work with a large quantity of pets. This can help keep the animals healthy and from falling into depression by giving them more room to explore while waiting for homes. The doors can also be installed just about anywhere, including the sides of buildings, which gives you a lot of room to work with in customization of your center or home.


Information about microchipping and things to watch out for

 Maybe you’ve never given much thought to microchipping your pet. Microchipping is not generally an expensive or invasive procedure for your animals. The microchip will contain a unique number that will be scanned if your pet is ever brought in to a center after being lost. You can register your contact info with the microchips site in case of emergency and be contacted as soon as the scan matches you. The chips are a onetime purchase and are generally good for your pet’s lifetime.

When buying any product that relies heavily on a working electronic reading always read reviews. If the door has a faulty reader it can leave your registered cat out of the house causing the animal distress. You should also try and avoid doors that make an abnormal amount of noise while in operation. If the door creates a loud enough fuss your cat will most likely become apprehensive about using the product. In addition, make sure the door you pick has a good lock, a faulty lock or locking system could defeat the purpose of a microchip cat door entirely, by letting in animals other than your own.

What are the best Microchip Cat Flap products available?

1. Sureflap Microchip Cat Flap Review

The Sureflap model has a high rating, and looking at its features and reliability it’s easy to see why. This model allows for you to use your cats existing microchip as an identifier for opening the door. The system is compatible with a majority of existing microchips but also works with RFID tags that can be attached to your cat’s collar to achieve the same effect as the microchips. If you are going with a previously implanted microchip all you have to do is scan the door over your cat’s implanted chip and it will program itself from there.

On top of being amazingly easy to set up, you can program up to 32 cats into the door to be allowed in or out. So, you don’t have to worry if you have more cats than the average household, you’ll still have plenty of programmable slots available for all of your cats. You are also able to adjust settings on the door to work by your specifications. If you prefer your cats not to be able to leave at night you can adjust the door to let them in, but not let them back out. This adds a lot of flexibility to how your cats are able to move in and out and can give you a lot more peace of mind. You can even go as far as setting the door to only let the cats back in, so you know when they’re leaving but they can still come back in whenever they’re ready.

The door also makes a minimal amount of noise when in use, so you will be aware of your cat’s movement in or out, but without having a loud annoying noise bothering you at all hours. You can also install the door on almost any surface, including glass, which creates more possibilities for where you can allow your cat access. With this feature, you could even allow your cats to have multiple entrances to your home.

They also come in various colors to match the color patterns of whatever room you plan to install them into. One of the most useful features however is the fact it requires only 4 AA batteries, which can last up to a year depending on your number of cats and their frequency of use. The door even lets you know when the batteries are low by utilizing a low battery light. So you never have to worry about the batteries simply giving out without you noticing, you’ll just have to keep spare batteries on hand in the case that they do get low, and the more cats using the door the faster this will happen.

Overall, this cat flap is a great model at a reasonable price to solve the problem of letting your cats in and out without allowing just any animal small enough to fit through into your home.

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2. Cat Mate Microchip Cat Flap Review

This cat flap holds a good customer rating on Amazon and the reviews explain why. Like other Microchip cat flaps it offers instructions on how to program the door to your cats as it can easily read their previously obtained microchips to allow them access in and out. The door also has a simple knob for accessing the settings for allowing cats in, out, in and out or locking the door completely. This means you can easily change to allow your cat to only use the door for going in or out, or completely lock the door to allow no passage through for when you want your cat to stay indoors.

There is also a training mode that allows your cat to use the flap as a normal flap, meaning they can simply push it open with no extra noise to get used to the new door before switching it into a normal mode where the flap will make an audible click when in use. Most cats seem to get used to the minor noise right away and are using the door frequently within a few days after the training mode has been used. The frame also boasts higher than average draft prevention, so no cold or hot air will come from outside and make your home less comfortable.

The design also focuses on providing a maximum sized flap to make going in and out less stressful for your cat, and compared to the Sureflap this model has a larger doorway for your pets to travel through. Also, while the Cat Mate model has the same ability to scan your cat’s microchip as the Sureflap model, the Cat mate can only store 30 microchip numbers compared to the Sureflap model’s 32. While in most households this would not be a problem the difference is there if it matters to you when making a purchasing decision.

The Cat Mate model also seems to run through batteries a bit faster and in a household with one cat some review s state they had to replace batteries after just three months, compared to the yearlong battery life of the Sureflap model. Both models mention in reviews that sometimes if the tunnels the cats move through to use the door get hair or other debris in them they may keep their sensors on and run the battery down quickly, so that is important to keep in mind when considering what the reviews state for battery life as both models state a 12 month battery life.

The most noticeable difference would be the price, while both models are relatively cheap considering the technology, the Cat Mate model is a bit cheaper and is fairly close in features to the Sureflap. Either choice would be great for using over traditional cat flaps to keep unwanted guests out of your home but it is important to read over the key features like flap size and ease of installation when considering which flap to purchase.

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